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Avatar has already attained the goal of being one of the most successful and active lodging companies in the island of Crete at present. In fact, we are currently managing a number of establishments: hotels, apartment complexes and villas.

However, we never cease to aspire for more. Avatar has already become established as the favorite firm for hundreds of travelers selecting us for their vacation year after year. Our further vision is to become the leading hotel management company in the region in 2020.

Our present domain ranges from limited service to full service establishments in economy, mid-scale and upscale segments. In fact, our mission is to increase the level of occupation of our rooms to 95%, with a profit margin of 25% each year. The group wishes to create a pleasant atmosphere for both its staff and for the customers, by providing services that are perceptibly outstanding.

Our quality policies are focused on a detailed and ongoing effort towards making sure that our customers enjoy an exceptional level of service during their stay, leading to an unforgettable experience. In fact, Avatar exposes the curious and creative-minded traveler to the most unexpected and engaging experiences a destination has to offer.

The whole tone of our facilities means that we try hard to offer our guests what Greeks call “warmth”: a feeling that they are right at home, in modern, comfortable and relaxing rooms suiting all types of needs. Attentive service makes sure that every stay runs smoothly and creates a happy, lively, cozy, friendly and welcoming environment; these are the makings of a truly wonderful stay.

The Avatar Group is in full compliance with the requirements of a quality management system. It does so in order to provide a healthy environment and adequate resources. Working closely with customers and suppliers, it sets high goals while improving performance at all levels.

The attention of the hotel group is so continuously present, that training of the staff runs concurrently with improving service. The group entrusts all to its personnel; our full confidence and support is returned through participation at all levels, striving to achieve excellence in all levels; naturally, this great climate is reflected back to our customers’ enjoyment.